We didn’t have iPhone, and Sprint was losing 1.4 million customers a quarter. With no major competitive advantage with which to build a position platform, we decided to promote a constellation of smaller strengths bundled into a fully integrated campaign wrapped around a single relevant word. Every touch point of the “Now” Network suggested the next and celebrated the miracle of data. The notion touched all media. In-store and online, NFL and NASCAR sponsorships, “Survivor” and “24” mobile content, every employee’s coffee mug and every customer’s phone start-up screen.

:60 TV spot that launched the Now Network. And Twitter.

We approached Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, to star in a series of commercials designed to unify the company with a single, visionary voice. America got to meet the man whose revolutionary ideas leveled data tariffs and changed the telco game.

Peter Farrelly directed a bunch of these (and starred in “Happy the Hedgehog” with his brother Bobby; cameo by Gary Busey). These spots reminded us that although the cell phone is critical to making movies, texting and talking in the theater just isn’t.

Six spots for the Nextel brand starring the blue-collar American worker. Firemen ran Congress. Steelworkers took over the DMV. Loggers handled divorce court. This follow-up spot in the campaign was nominated for an Emmy.