Stanford PhD Andy Rink and Varun Boriah came to O-Arms for help fixing children's sleep problems. The team designed a product that prevents night terrors in children. They’re like nightmares, but worse, and they’re rough on the parents, too, who often wake sleep-deprived and emotionally wrecked by their kid’s midnight madness.

In testing, Rink’s product prevented 90 percent of night terrors. But it was missing a go-to-market plan that included a name, a design, and that special something that would make it stand out amongst all the other gadgets at Babies”R”Us, and more importantly, at the upcoming Y Combinator conference.

We applied our consumer listening strategy to figure out that the brand needed the kid's buy-in to make this product successful. O-Arms used our experience rebranding Cartoon Network and approached the project more like a new show than a consumer product.

And with that, Lully The Sleep Guardian was born, a robot whose midnight giggles make dreams brighter, bouncier and more fun. With a new name, design, and an colorful story capture their audience, Rink and his team brought Lully to the Y Combinator conference and left with enough funding to fully back the next round of development.

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