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For Holiday 2016, we got the exciting challenge to bring Kodak back to life. Our agency's mission was to re-envision the brand for modern, mobile moms and reawaken the sleeping giant with a tsunami of design, technology and social media charm.

With a new app called Kodak Moments, Kodak makes it easier than ever to create quality photographic products, and most importantly, get photos out of your phone so they can be shared with others in creative, memorable ways.

Through our proprietary process titled ThirdEye, we worked with moms from across the country to define what a “#KodakMoment” means in 2016, and how a photo app could fit into their lives. Our audience taught us that a Kodak Moment is a real moment, and that when it comes to card making—ease convenience rule. We used their insights to craft our messaging strategy.

From there, our studio morphed into something like Santa’s workshop. We brought in painters, illustrators, and designers to handcraft an explosive array of over 30 unique holiday card designs. Simultaneously, we were mapping out social video shorts, directed by Thayer Gowdy, to launch on Facebook and introduce the app.

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Screen shots of the Kodak Moments app Screen shots of the Kodak Moments app Screen shots of the Kodak Moments app