Hack the Election

Most Millennials would say they care about the environment and want it well and intact when their kids roam the earth. But to make real change, one has to do more turn the sink off sooner and separate paper from plastic. The most effective way to make major, lasting change is to get the right officials in government.

However, Millennials have become known for their apathy toward politics, despite being part of the largest voter group and holding the highest potential to influence change. Moving toward the 2014 midterm election, O-Arms made it our mission to get this group to identify with their political power and to connect them with the politicians who stood for the causes they believed in.

With the help of some talented grad students from Stanford University, we created a code that identifies the candidate to vote for based on the user’s issue stance and IP address. We tested the code with The Clean Power Plan and called the project Hack The Election. Our digital solution with a provocative name ignited conversations all across social media and was covered by Fast Company, Huffington Post, Nation Swell, SF Egotist and more.

Stay tuned to see how this code continues to connect voters with politicians in coming elections.

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