Private helicopters. Champagne powder skiing. World-class fly-fishing. Bentleys on ice. Thirteen custom-designed mansions around the world. Where is this? What is this? Eleven Experience came to Odysseus Arms looking for a way to define its custom-tailored, epic getaways for the ultrahigh-net-worth traveler.

But how do you “get real” with someone who has it all? The target is the familial leaders of the richest 100 families in the world, people who have the net worth of a small country.

Well, we can’t tell you what we did. It’s only for them.

After a hard-fought and hard-won pitch against some industry juggernauts, such as 72andSunny, Odysseus Arms worked on developing and planning Eleven’s brand for the world’s most private audience.

If you are an ultrahigh-net-worth traveler and feel you have been inadvertently excluded from our campaign, contact Franklin Tipton, and he will arrange a private screening: franklin@o-arms.com

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