The story began with a win in a three-way pitch between independent O-Arms, Grupo ABC’s Pereira O’Dell and Omnicom’s BBDO. The assignment was to launch a new dessert-flavored champagne product called Delicia. Our genius planner, Kim Kline, worked off the notion of synesthesia; you should be able to taste the campaign just by looking at it.

To launch the dessert-flavored champagne Delicia, we focused on digital, writing the world’s first upside-down-written, search engine-optimized site. We yielded epic CTR results from a Google AdWords campaign, with a rate consistently double Google’s best-case scenario at 3.1%. We carried the eye candy aesthetic through to social media and achieved a ridiculously high engagement rate, the record standing at a 19% response to one post. Yummy.

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Case Study Video

O-Arms worked with the marketing director on a retail trade package designed to generate excitement with wholesale buyers. The strategic and creative plan scored distribution in Walmart, Safeway and several other national chains.

We worked with Recommended Media to build a four-minute piece that explained the product in explosive, visceral terms. Check out the :60 pre-roll (above).

As we rolled into carefully targeted digital media, the results were stunning.

For information, we wrote the world’s first upside-down-written, SEO-optimized site to accelerate organic growth in search. We isolated the relevant high-value keyword family, then wrote the site backward using the most populist terms running through Google. This is hard to organize as the writers are forced to use the keywords and phrases several times in each piece of readable HTML copy. Meanwhile, our Digital Design Department carried the custom content through mobile responsive style sheets.

Continuing our work in PPC with our SEO partner, Agile, yielded epic CTR results from a Google AdWords campaign. The rate is consistently double Google's best-case scenario.

Once the core assets were built, we went social. We continued our eye-candy theme through every post and achieved a ridiculously high engagement rate. The record stands at a 19% response to one post.

A custom influencer network was assembled that included celebs like Carmen Electra and Laila Ali.

Lastly, a POS installation. It’s the most critical asset in the media mix when you have a highly developed national distribution. Owning the aisle is everything.