E-mail is dead. Yeah, we said it. We’re so done scrolling through endless pages of cc’s, “all agency” e-mails, and one-word responses (“K”?). Enter Asana. The project management tool that centralizes project tasks and conversations to propel work from start to finish.

Facebook co-founders Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein dreamt up Asana while developing household names such as G-Chat, Google Drive, and the Like Button. They, too, were tired of 15-person e-mail chains, and imagined a communication tool that would incorporate the incredible tech advances happening at Facebook and Google.

But they weren’t the only ones. The race for the best project management tool was hot, and competitors like BaseCamp, Trello, and Slack were all coding for the top spot. Asana’s edge was its visual identity. The brand had a vibe that was warmer (and fuzzier) than the technical look of its competitors. For example, a rainbow unicorn flies across the screen when a project is marked complete. Who doesn’t love that?

We leveraged the unicorn and Asana’s other design assets to highlight the brand’s approachable tone in high-impact digital buys across Vox and Gawker networks. We worked with 20+ project managers through our proprietary consumer-listening process, ThirdEye, to develop relatable language for the audience. Our work helped kick off Asana’s warm and fuzzy rebrand and secured its position as the go-to project management tool.

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