The America I Believe In

“The America I Believe In” is Amnesty International’s response to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” presidential campaign. Amnesty International, and Odysseus Arms, believe in an America that welcomes refugees, rejects anti-Muslim hate, and denounces human rights violations and war crimes.

We created the pro bono initiative’s logo, microsite design, banner ads and posters. Visitors to the microsite can sign petitions committing to the principles of openness, hope and fair treatment of all. Once readers determine where they stand on the issues, they can use the site to take action locally and influence their elected officials.

The campaign also has an interactive component, allowing participants to share user-generated content in which they can submit videos talking about the America they believe in. Above all, the campaign seeks to be a positive and aspirational force to ignite grassroots support for change.

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Video by Kristen Adams Media.

The America I Believe In logo Screen shot of The America I Believe In Facebook page Screen shot of The America I Believe In website